JB Series Single-Phase Thyristor Regulators

JB series is compact and relatively low-priced single-phase thyristor regulator (no feedback). Rated voltage 20A to 100A, six types are available for your convenience and used readily.

  • Compact all-in-one type, so it doesn’t take much space to install and wiring is also simple.
  • Phase-angle firing control and zero-cross firing control can be switched.
  • Rated voltage 20A to 100A, six types are available.
  • Controllability is improved by soft start, soft up-down, soft start at recovery from momentary interruption.
  • Frequency auto distinguish function, gradient setting function, and lower-limit setting function are equipped as standard.



Models Rated Current
JB-2020 20A
JB-2030 30A
JB-2040 40A
JB-2050 50A
JB-2075 75A
JB-2100 100A


Phase Phase
Rated Current Six types of 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 75A, 100A
Rated Voltage 100V-120VAC, 200V-240VAC
100V system and 200V system, both can be used (switched by terminal)
Power Supply Frequency 50/60Hz (auto switch)
Input Signal 4 to 20mADC, 1 to 5VDC or ON-OFF contact signal (switched by terminal)
Input Resistance 100Ω (4 to 20mADC), 25kΩ (1 to 5VDC)
Output Range 0 to 98% of rated voltage
Minimum Load Current 0.5A (at output 98%)
Applicable Load Resistance load
Inductive load (Transformer primary control, Magnetic flux density 1.25T or less Phase-angle firing system only)
Control System Phase-angle firing system/Zero-cross firing system (switched by internal DIP switches)
Output Setting Range Gradient setting (0 to 100%)
Lower-limit setting (0 to 100%)
Other Functions Soft start, soft up-down (1 to 20sec. variable)
Soft start at recovery from momentary interruption
External Dimensions H172×W 48×D143mm (for 20A, 30A)
H188×W 68×D148mm (for 40A, 50A)
H200×W116×D157mm (for 75A, 100A)
Weight 20A type approx. 1.0kg, 30A type approx. 1.0kg, 40A type approx. 1.3kg,
50A type approx. 1.3kg, 75A type approx. 1.9kg, 100A type approx. 1.9kg