AH4000 Series Hybrid Memory Recorder

AH4000 series is a hybrid recorder which employs bright and clear, easy to view LCD display.
Measuring value display is prepared as 1 point display, multi-points simultaneous display and digital display + bar graph display.
Various measuring and recording settings can be easily done by front key switch and confirmed by LCD digital display.

  • Equipped with SD card (sold separately) and it can record data, read and write setting value.
  • Equipped with DC voltage 10 kinds, T/C 36 kinds, RTD 12 kinds, in total 58 kinds. Easily set the range per channels.
  • Provided with USB port and connect with PC directly.
    RS232C, RS422A, RS485 and Ethernet communication interface is optionally prepared. When Ethernet is selected, settings from the web and E-mail alarm notification are added.
  • By Data acquisition software, the use of application expands from recording/ management to information processing.
     *Optional communication interface required.
     Data analysis software can replay display, wave form process, editing and trend display.
    Parameter setting software can manage the setting information on PC.
  • Set 4 types of alarm per each input points. When alarm occurs, status display “ALM” flashes and measuring value flashes at LCD operation screen.
  • Can set the alarm operation when chart end is detected.
  • Process the measured data by programming setting and displayed/ recorded data of each channels are shown as programmed result data.



Multi-point type

ModelInput point
AH4706-N0A-NNN6 points
AH4712-N0A-NNN12 points
AH4724-N0A-NNN24 points

Pen type

ModelInput point
AH471P-N0A-NNN1 pen
AH472P-N0A-NNN2 pen
AH473P-N0A-NNN3 pen
AH474P-N0A-NNN4 pen


Measuring points Multi-point type 6,12,24 points
Pen type 1 to 4 points
Input types DC voltage — ±13.8mV, ±27.6mV, ±69.0mV, ±200mV, ±500mV, ±1V ±5V, ±10V, ±20V, ±50V
DC current — Max 50mA by external shunt resistor (100Ω, 250Ω) (sold separately)
Thermocouple — K, E, J, T, R, S, B, N, U, L, W-WRe26, WRe5-WRe26, PtRh40-PtRh20, NiMo-Ni, CR-AuFe, Platinel, Au/Pt
Resistance thermometer — Pt100, old Pt100, JPt100, Pt50, Pt-Co
Accuracy ratings ±0.1% of measuring range ±1digit (DC voltage input)
Measuring interval Multi-point type 1 second / 6 points, 2 seconds/ 12 points,2 seconds/ 24 points
Pen type Approx. 100ms
Recording method Multi-point type Wire-dot type 6-color ribbon
Pen type Trace printing — disposable felt-tip pen
Digital printing — dot type plotter pen
Chart paper Fan-fold type
Total width 114mm, total length 10m, effective chart width 100mm
Chart speed Multi-point type 1 to 1500mm / h, in 1mm/h increments
(12.5mm / h can be set exceptionally)
Pen type Set arbitrarily from 1 to 600mm/h or 1 to
200mm/min, 1mm interval.
12.5mm/h can be set exceptionally.
Alarm types Absolute alarm, differential alarm, rate-of-change alarm, FAIL, calendar timer, chart end.
Alarm settings Individual settings, Max 4 levels/channel
Rated power voltage 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Multi-point type W288×H288×D195mm
Pen type W288×H288×D220mm
Weight About 7.6kg