R000 Series Gas/Air Temperature Sensors

This sensor, using the platinum resistance temperature sensor element for the detection, is the sensor for gas temperature measurement.
Because of the compact, light weight and fast responsive structure, it has excellent responsiveness.
Three types are available for laboratory use, general industrial use and general indoor use to accommodate the various gas temperatures in hot bath, warehouses and general indoor.


Type  Model Temperature Range  Type of tube  Number of element  Dimension of protective tube(mm) 
For laboratory use R000-31 -30 to 130°C Net-tube type Single element Φ12
R000-32 -50 to 150°C Closed-tube type Φ6
R000-31W -30 to 130°C New-tube Type Double element Φ12
R000-32W -50 to 150°C Closed-tube type Φ6
For general industrial use R011-3 -20 to 60°C SUS303 protection tube Single element Φ6
R011-3W Double element
For general indoor use R030-3 -30 to 100°C - Single element Φ2.5
R030-3W Double element
R031-3 -20 to 80°C Standard Single element -
R031-3T With thermoplate


Resistance element Pt100,100Ωat 0°C 3-sire type
Class JIS B,A
(only R031 for class A)
Rated current 2mA,1mA(only R031 for 1mA)
Material of protection tube R000-32,R011,R030…SUS304
R000-31…Nickel-plated brass
Response time R000-31…Approx. 70 seconds:In the air 50°C→20°C
R000-32…Approx. 3 minutes:In the air 50°C→20°C
R011…Approx. 50 seconds:In the air 50°C→20°C
R030…Approx. 25 seconds:In the air 50°C→20°C
R031…Approx. 50 seconds:In the air 50°C→25°C

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