CISAS / EX Software Package System for Controlling and Monitoring

The CISAS / EX is a system for management/operation of parameters and collection/monitoring of data by a personal computer. The system is configured by CHINO's field data scanning units, recorders, flexible system, controllers and PLCs. Up to 1000 points of data can be managed.


  • No need professional technical knowledge such as software for system configuration
  • The communications with instruments connected are handled by communication ports, and data storage, alarm monitoring, etc. can be done in real time without any loading to the software.
  • As the human interface corresponding to touch-key interface is built-in, screens can be operated without a key board nor a mouse, by installing the software to a panel computer.
  • Data with applications by a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) function can be received. An interface for creation of exclusive applications linked with CISAS / EX is built-in.


Personal computer Pentium 200MHz or faster
Memory 64MB or more
CD-ROM drive (for installation)
Hard disk 500MB or more
Extension slot 1 PCI bus slot (half size)
Display Color high-resolution analog RGB (800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024)
256 colors
Printer For Windows
OS WindowsNT4.0 Workstation, Windows2000 Professional

Models connectable

Field data scanning units SE1000, 2000, 3000
Recorders 100mm hybrid recorders BL, AL3000
180mm hybrid recorders BH, AH3000
250mm hybrid recorders LE
Graphic recorders BR
Controllers Digital indicating controllers DB500, DB1000, DZ, LT
Program controllers/setters DP, KP
Flexible systems FK
PLCs Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Q, A series (excluded partly)
Omron Corporation C, CV, CQM1 series
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. F series
Keyence Corporation
Line converter SC8-10

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