IR-R0A Fixed Point Black Body Furnaces

Fixed point black body furnace, model : IR-R0A is a highly precise fixed point black body furnace that can use for the Temperature Standard for radiation thermometer. IR-R0A has 6 kinds of fixed point cell from In (157°C) in low temperature to Cu(1085°C) in high temperature. Furthermore, easily ejectable and replaceable heater unit and fixed point cell design. IR-R0A has been developed with NMIJ (National Metrology Institute of Japan) and is able to utilize for temperature standard. It is effective for fixed point calibration of the radiation thermometer for standards (model : IR-RST series by CHINO Corporation) in particular.


  • Realization of a good plateau by the improvement of the temperature distribution
  • Lineup In - Cu point
  • Changeable to other fixed points by cell exchange easily
  • Compact (184×370×360mm) and lightweight (13kg)


Model Fixed point cell
IR-R0A In point : 156.60°C
Sn point : 231.93°C
Zn point : 419.53°C
Al point : 660.32°C
Ag point : 961.78°C
Cu point : 1084.62°C


Cabity Material Graphite 5%ash Repeatability within 10mK
Crucible Size Φ40mm ×70mm Plateau Duration more than 5min
Cabity Size Φ8mm ×48mm
with iris Φ3mm or Φ6mm
Power Supply 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 750VA max.
Emissivity more than 0.999 Operating Temperature 10-35 °C at 240V AC
Fixed Point Metals In,Sn,Zn,Al,Ag,Cu Heat-up Time about 1.5h to Cu point
Metal Amount about 27cm Temperature-fall Time about 4.5h from Cupoint to 250 °C
Temperature Distributtion within 8 °C at crucible Area Purge Ar gas 0.2l/min

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